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Where would you choose to work together?

Where shall we work together? 

New Office

I have recently moved premises to a wonderful space and wanted to share it with you and tell you more about how we can work together.

My office is located at Therapy Station, in a quiet cul-de-sac in the village of Stoney Stanton. It is a welcoming space with an inviting waiting area and a cosy counselling room.

I work predominantly outdoors, as I specialise in Nature therapy. Our space is either a wonderful, enclosed woodland or an expansive and varied country park. Each session has the potential to vary hugely as the weather and environment change daily.

And we can work online together in the comfort of your chosen surroundings through the platform, Zoom. This means we can work together no matter where you live in the United Kingdom.

Hybrid working

Offering this hybrid way of working is really important to me as I wanted to be as flexible as possible and help to offer counselling in an accessible way, as your circumstances and needs can change.

No one option is always what you may need or want. The office space offers solid continuity, it doesn’t change shape, colour or layout which can offer a sense of safety and comfort.

Nature offers a sense of freedom to move or sit and brings an aliveness to our work as whilst it is ever changing, through weather and seasons, it is also a constant, just like us. It offers a way of connecting back to ourselves because we are nature and nature is within us.

Online working offers practicality in the sense of no travel time and isn’t weather dependent.

And maybe, you want to have a mix of all three, and that’s okay. It’s what is right for you.

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