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Emerging into Spring

The spring equinox is here where day and night are equal in length. The light is increasing, and we step more fully from Winter into Spring. The buds are bursting, the bird song is increasing in volume as nature re-awakens from the resting of winter.

Cycles of nature

As we align ourselves to the cycles of nature, we leave the resting phase of Winter behind and emerge into Spring to re-awaken our own growth. It allows us to start to wonder what nourishment we need to build energy and this is mentally, physically and emotionally.
Finding the beauty in nature, such as stunning views or taking photos of Spring flowers promotes connection to nature and starts to feed us through nurturing.
Emerging into Spring and connecting to nature offers you an opportunity to re-connect to yourself and wonder what direction you are drawn to.

Lighter Days

As the lighter days start to extend, Spring invites you to let go of wintry burdens. Breathe in the fresh, crisp air to revive the body and mind and breathe out the residues of winter’s hibernation.
I love Spring, seeing plants wake up, watching birds claiming territories and hawthorn blossom exploding against bare branches.
Go out into nature now and you will see Alder catkins, a bit like Hazel, but have you noticed the female flowers at the end of the branches/twigs? Red to purple tiny beacons of joy!
Watch Robins in pairs as they nest, and you may be lucky enough to see them feeding each other in courtship. Look out for Muscari, daffodils and Snakes Head Fritillaria as you wander.

My top 3 tips for emerging into Spring

1. Look for the white flowers on hawthorn.
2. Start sowing seeds such as tomatoes and attend one of my plant and seed swap events
3. Join a local walk that promotes mindfulness in nature such as my Wellbeing Walks.