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What is Nature Therapy?

Also known as Ecotherapy, there is no single definition, but it describes a regular, structured activity in green spaces. It can be in groups or one to one and is led by a qualified and trained professional.

The Core of it.

The core of nature therapy is that we are all intrinsically linked to the earth and the natural environment around us, meaning there is a connection to all nature. Nurturing that connection can in turn nurture our wellbeing and be highly beneficial to our mental and physical health.

In today’s fast paced world, many of us have become disconnected from the natural world, social media, advancements in gaming technology and a culture (especially in western cultures) which promotes productivity over wellbeing, means we view nature as something separate and almost alien.


There is a growing body of research that highlights that this disconnection and separation has and is significantly impacting our emotional and physical wellbeing.

As an outdoor nature therapist, clients that choose to work with me have reported a greater sense of freedom and significant increase in feelings of calmness when having our therapy sessions. Nature Therapy offers a holistic way of working, which encompasses the mind, body and your whole self.

As this piece of research by Chorong Song, Harumi Ikei and Yoshifumi Miyazaki highlights, the physical benefits of nature therapy are numerous, and research conducted by the charity Mind in 2007 showed a 71% decrease in depression after walking in green spaces.

Nature therapy helps to awaken your senses and find clarity and meaning in this fast-paced modern world. You can build in nature therapeutic benefits into your daily and weekly routine.


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  2. Volunteer at a community garden/ allotment and share in the produce you’ve helped to grow.
  3. Open your window to get air circulating and allow the sounds of nature in, such as birdsong.
  4. Join a nature group in person or an online one like my friendly nature and nurture group on facebook.