Certified Natural Mindfulness Guide

Do you struggle with self care? Do you struggle with an over-thinking mind? Are you feeling stressed? 

You’re in the right place, my wellbeing walks are for you. I will help you put down the demands of everyday life and to slow down     

Finding moments of awe, joy and beauty with nature through mindfulness allows a way for you to practice and foster self-care, increasing feelings of connection to yourself and the natural world around you. An emotional bond is created which helps you to see yourself as part of nature. This promotes feeling good, letting go of stress and also functioning well for the challenges of every day life. 

I will encourage you to wonder as we wander, gently offering prompts and nature invitations to allow you to focus fully on you. Using natural mindfulness techniques, such as breathing for relaxation, I will guide you on how to slow down, how to focus positive attention on yourself and engage your senses to nourish your wellbeing and come away feeling revitalised

Your body will feel relaxed, your mind will feel clearer and you will take away a sense of calmness   

My wellbeing walks can be used as a one off to promote wellbeing and as a regular practice to embed restoration of your wellbeing into your self care routine.
Simply choose an available date from the drop down menu and book now.

All locations are generally within 30 minutes of Hinckley, Leicestershire.

The group is kept small to fully immerse you in nature.

If you would like to book a private group or are interested in a wellbeing walk through your place of work please do get in touch.

Here are two special offerings to align with Nature. Meeting at a truly special location (near Coalville) surrounded by water and woodland, we will gently explore the spring landscape and what it means to emerge and re-new after watching the sunrise and experience Nature’s own orchestra as we immerse ourselves in the Dawn Chorus whilst watching the sunrise before wander gently.    

Aligning with nature through natural mindfulness allows a way for you to practice and foster self-care and let go of stress. This increases feelings of connection to yourself and the natural world around you, creating an emotional bond, helping you to see yourself as part of nature. This not only helps you to feel good but also to function well.

“I have been a nature nerd for as long as I can remember and when I qualified as a counselling therapist I knew my path was to help support and nourish my clients alongside the healing power and beauty that nature offers. The wealth of scientific studies and research evidences the vast array of benefits of working with nature in this way. As a certified natural mindfulness guide, offering wellbeing walks allows an immersion into nature to relax, revive and wander with other like hearted people.”

I look forward to guiding you,

With intention,

What others had to say,

“Started walking then slowed right down – my goodness what a wow moment. I was made aware of what was around – Alison is awesome, her knowledge and lovely voice, this is so lovely. Just what my soul needed, drove off feeling a calmness i haven’t felt for a long time. Thoroughly enjoyed it thank you so much” Jo       

“I was able to truly relax & breathe & completely clear my mind to be fully present throughout. The breathing exercise is where I felt myself become centred. Alison, you have a serene & peaceful energy about you & your knowledge of nature, flora & fauna is fascinating. Everyone needs to have this experience. You learn so much about your surroundings as well as yourself.” Liz  

“I enjoyed the times where we paused and either used breathing techniques or took in the surroundings and focused on our senses. I loved the mindfulness techniques, And yes, I’ve tried them on walks since! I will continue to use them for sure.” James

“I really enjoy Alison’s nature walks, I leave feeling utterly relaxed and so much lighter. She is a wonderful guide sharing much wisdom on mindfulness and nature, all of which I can apply into my daily life.” Annika

“The whole session was very positive and I have already started using the techniques in my day to day life, e.g. being more aware of my surroundings. They did help me relax and were well explained.” Anita