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Aligning with Summer

Summer is here in the UK and with it comes lush growth on plants, leafy canopies of trees overhead and a flurry of activity from birds and insects.

Summer is symbolic of growth, energy, and youthfulness. Aligning with nature and the seasons allows opportunities to harness that energy and find ways to let our inner child have some (if not more) fun. Seek out ways to nourish your mind, body and soul and bring joy to your whole self.

Go out into nature

If you go out into nature now, you’ll see birds nesting, swifts screeching overhead, ladybird larvae emerging from their pupae and bramble flowers. The summer night skies generally being clearer, allow us an opportunity to lay down outside and watch the stars. Spend time noticing the twinkling, soft light to encourage a sense of awe and wonder.

Getting up early and bearing witness to a new day dawning is a powerful way to remind us that nothing lasts, even the bad days and the light always comes back.

On these summer days, explore, wander with nature and track where you want to go and allow yourself to dream.

The summer energy offers us the peak time to try something new or rediscover an interest. Learning new things increases confidence and enhances wellbeing.

Tips to align with summer,

  1. Find a sit spot in nature and read a favourite book.
  2. Pack a picnic and explore somewhere new.
  3. Sit under a leafy tree and journal about any insights you have.
  4. Walk bare foot over the earth.