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Stepping into Spring

Hazel tree catkins and flowers

The season of spring is upon us in the northern hemisphere. The darkness is starting to strip back with more light filtering through into our days. This is symbolic of times in our life when we feel the darkness creeping in and when we feel the weight of every day demands sitting on our shoulders.


Spring heralds’ re-birth with the emergence of plants and flowers that have been hidden and almost forgotten through winter. Go out into nature now and you will likely see yellow catkins on a hazel tree but look really closely to see the bright luminous red of the small flowers on the stems.

This rebirth of Spring reminds us of our own emergence, that we can come through a period of darkness because we have done so before. It reminds us that we can start to grow too, as nature does, side by side with it. Spring offers us an opportunity to question what nourishment we need for our mind, body and soul.

Stepping into Spring

Stepping into Spring and connecting to nature offers you an opportunity to connect to yourself. It is an invitation to learn about your true nature which is listening to yourself and understanding yourself on a deeper level. Put simply, it’s being true to you.

As the lighter days start to unfurl, Spring invites you to let go of wintry burdens. Breathing in the fresh, crisp air to revive the body and mind and breathing out the long slumber of winter.

For me, this is my favourite time of year. Reveling in the wonder of nature and the awe of buds bursting forth, of bees waking up and filling the air with their hypnotic buzzing music.

My top 3 tips

My top 3 tips for stepping into Spring are,

  1. Look for emerging leaf buds and blossom on trees and bushes such as Hawthorn.
  2. Start sowing seeds such as “poached egg plants” (Limnanthes douglasii) which will emerge quite quickly and provide months of colour and fun.
  3. Join a local walk that promotes mindfulness in nature such as my Wellbeing Walks.