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Harnessing Summer

Summer has arrived and is in full swing. Summer is a potent time for harnessing energy, growing and production.

Plants are busy putting on a dazzling show with flowering such as lilies, roses, rudbeckias and salvias. Some plants have wowed and are now putting energy into seed production such as nigella, chives, strawberries and corn flowers.

This is symbolic of when we grow, nurturing ourselves and putting our energy into all we enjoy. Summer is symbolic of adventure and optimism; we are much more likely to embark on a new challenge or task in summer with longer days and increased exposure to natural daylight.

Reminding us

Summer reminds us to seek out joy and question ourselves around what brings us joy and how to build more into our days. There are simple joys to be found in nature, if we allow ourselves, that will boost mood, create feelings of optimism and promote feelings of worth.

Go out into nature now and you will see and hear tiny grasshoppers making music to sit and enjoy. You will see and hear swifts screeching in the skies and the simple act of raising your head opens airways and shifts your perspective. You will see glorious sunrises that remind us that a new day will always come and powerful sunsets that will relax and recharge you, and you may even be able to enjoy a sunset on one of my wellbeing walks.

My top tips for harnessing summer are

Lying down on the grass and watching the clouds float past. This helps you to alter your perspective which can aid feelings of stuckness leading to new insights.

Practice flower gazing to promote feelings of contentment and relaxation. Gently pick a flower, softly gaze at it and notice the shape, texture and smell of it. If you find your mind wandering, gently bring it back to the flower in that moment.

Plant a summer container with vibrant colour to boost mood and energy.

Go to a local plant swap to swap left over seeds and plants and gain some new seeds and plants that you can use next year.