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Spring has sprung.

The season of Spring is upon us; the threshold has been crossed and winter has stepped back.

The days are getting a longer, bringing with that, more daylight.     


If you go out into nature now, you’ll see budburst on trees. This is where all the leaves freshly emerge like small beacons of bright, lime green loveliness that gently lights the way.

Blackthorn is in full swing, showing its explosion of white blossom on bare branches with hawthorn following closely behind, and ornamental cherry blossom adorns its boughs as outstretched arms gently laden with pink jewels.


Spring is a time of re-birth and renewing. It reminds us to begin to gather our energy, to sow the seeds of how we want to grow this year and what parts of ourselves we want to focus on to emerge more fully.

As the leaves begin to unfurl, and light tip toes in, nature reminds us that we have come through our darkest days. That the dark days do not last, and we can unburden our minds to allow energy to rise as the sap rises in trees.

Mindfulness Activity

A wonderful mindfulness activity to promote calm and boost your mood is to go out into nature where you are and spend 20 minutes exploring and noticing up close the buds bursting on trees and the newly emerged leaves. Slowing down to really notice the shapes of the leaves emerging and the varying shades of green allows your brain to let go of stress and increase focus and concentration.


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  2. Buy locally grown Spring flowers to bring nature indoors
  3. Sow micro greens on your windowsill for a nutritious boost and a welcome pop of colour.
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