Wellbeing Walk – Individual


Duration: One Hour

Private Wellbeing Walk

Do you yearn to slow down?

The pace of everyday life can leave us feeling depleted; rushing around to meet the demands that each day brings. This means that very often you put yourself to the bottom of a long list and your needs get forgotten as you prioritise the needs of those around you.

Step away from the demands of everyday life and allow yourself space to put down worries and stress. My wellbeing walk will enable you to replenish your resources and nourish your wellbeing so you will leave feeling relaxed and restored.

This is for you if you want a more immersive experience, are new to nature and feel unsure about “how to connect to nature” or feel group settings are not for you.  I will guide you through the walk, helping you to connect to nature by offering prompts and focused nature moments such as bird watching, emerging buds of leaves or admiring wild flowers.

Using natural mindfulness techniques you will learn how to slow down, focus positive attention on yourself, utilise your senses to aid feelings of relaxation in your body, give you a sense of clarity and calm whilst developing a deeper connection to the natural world around you.

To further enhance your experience herbal tea will be offered at the end of our wander with nature for refreshment.

My wellbeing walk can be used as a one off to promote wellbeing and as a regular practice to embed restoration of your wellbeing into your routine.

You can choose between 3 locations each offering it’s own unique nature connection moments;

  • A country park
  • A small woodland trust woodland
  • Through fields

Simply use drop the down menu to find the date that suits you best to book. If you have a date in mind that isn’t available please do get in touch as availability varies from week to week.

Once booking is made I will be in touch with you to choose the location of your wellbeing walk and your choice of herbal tea.

Any questions please do get in touch

I look forward to guiding you,



Certified Natural Mindfulness Guide

Description :1 hour gentle walking

Once you have booked your wellbeing walk, a confirmation email will be sent.

If adverse weather (heavy snow, heavy rain, high winds, high temperatures) is forecast then an alternative date will be offered, I will try to find a convenient alternative date twice before offering a full refund.


Cancellations received in writing (via email) prior to 7 days before the start date will be offered a full refund.

Cancellations received less than 7 days to 48 hours will be offered an alternative date.

I am unable to offer a refund to any cancellation 48 hours or less.