Affirmation Cards


A pack of 10 beautifully created wallet size affirmation cards to take with you anywhere. Ideal as a gift to help someone see how valued they are when they struggle to see it in themselves.

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Affirmation Cards

A pack of 10 cards, with each one comes with a nurturing scene in nature, taken lovingly by me, alongside a powerful “I am” statement to promote confidence and build self esteem.

My step by step invitation below will maximise the effectiveness to build and enhance your self belief and the compassion you deserve.

Step 1 – My invitation to you is to pick a different card every day in the morning and practice saying in your mind the affirmation for 1-2 minutes whilst focusing on the picture of nature. During the day, as often as needed for you, look at the chosen card and repeat the affirmation in your mind.  My encouragement is to do this for 10 days.

Step 2 -After 10 days progress to saying the affirmation out loud and repeat the steps as the first 10 days.

Step 3 – After 20 days of practicing your powerful and uplifting affirmations, pick one statement only to continue saying out loud for another 10 days.

You can then change your daily affirmation thereafter as often as you would like, continuing to build your self belief.

I see your worth, I see your value, thank you for being here,

with intention



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