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How I can help you

Finding the right therapist for you can feel a little overwhelming and tricky so this blog is all about what I offer and how this will help you.

I am a professionally qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and I work in a very holistic person-centred way. This simply means I work with all of you, re-connecting mind and body and not giving you any advice or telling you what to do.

You are not broken!

I am not the expert in YOU, you are. You are not broken! You don’t need fixing! I work with you collaboratively to create awareness around your lived experiences, life events and challenges that have got to where you are and help you gain understanding of why you feel, think and behave the way you do.


I specialise in Nature Therapy which offers a freedom from the conventional therapy room. I help you re-discover an innate connection to nature and help you to understand how it benefits you mentally and physically. It isn’t “walk and talk”, which is ableist. It is, an embodied way of working. We are actively engaging with the natural world around us through mindfulness techniques, noticing and metaphors that nature offers us. We are working with Nature. For example, we may create and explore a nature mandala and how this can be both transformative and healing to help you gain clarity. Working in this way, encourages you to slow down and listen to your body. This helps you to understand what your body is trying to tell you, moving from reacting to responding.


I also work in my office based near Hinckley. Being in the office space, allows for creative working which can provide a gentle way to access feelings and emotions if you struggle to identify or verbalise them. Grounding techniques and visualisations can also be incorporated to soothe your nervous system.


As a qualified BLAST technique practitioner, I can work with trauma to help you release trauma and process it effectively. Like EMDR, it uses integral eye movement (Bi-lateral analysis and stimulation treatment) to help your brain’s natural processing power to re-process and understand the trauma without experiencing the intense emotional and physical response.

This all offers a flexible and hybrid way of working to best your needs and circumstances. Many clients have described how helpful they have found this.

Perhaps you have been considering therapy or feel unsure what to expect. If this is the case, then book a free 15-minute enquiry session with me to find out more and I can answer any questions you may have.